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Welcome to What The Musical, a podcast for musical theatre nerds and newbies. Join Chelsey and Tara as they discuss musicals and all their glorious facets--the technical, the dramatic, the problematic, and the beloved songs we never want to hear again. Episodes released every other Friday.

Dec 24, 2019

All I Ask of You is a deep breath before diving into The Phantom of the Opera! We talk bad optics, ear-wormy repetition, and the worst stage mom ever. PLUS: one of the only sighs of relief we can breathe is that JLM is not in Phantom.

Theme music by Cullen Vance.

Original London cast recording: Amazon | iTunes |

Dec 6, 2019

And I Am Telling You it's time for Dreamgirls! We talk powerhouse female leads, non-jukebox Mowtown, and Jennifer Holliday being right. PLUS: Jimmy may fall, but JLM would make him triumphant.

Theme music by Cullen Vance.

Original Broadway cast album: Amazon | iTunes | Spotify
Dreamgirls in Concert album: Amazon |