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Welcome to What The Musical, a podcast for musical theatre nerds and newbies. Join Chelsey and Tara as they discuss musicals and all their glorious facets--the technical, the dramatic, the problematic, and the beloved songs we never want to hear again. Episodes released every other Friday.

Sep 21, 2019

No One Else understands Tara's love for this show--it's time for Natasha, Pierre, & The Great Comet of 1812! We talk drinking vodka in your 30s, how to make Russian lit exciting, and discover what happens when Chelsey doesn't prepare. Plus: we might be tired, but JLM never sleeps.

Theme music by Cullen Vance.


Sep 5, 2019

No need to fight Tooth & Nail--it's time for Cambodian Rock Band! We talk the anti-Miss Saigon, teaching an audience to code switch, and why you should skip Hamilton for now. Plus: the gentlest JLM Watch to-date.

WTM theme music by Cullen Vance.

Featured music for Cambodian Rock Band by Dengue Fever.
Dengue Fever music:...