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Welcome to What The Musical, a podcast for musical theatre nerds and newbies. Join Chelsey and Tara as they discuss musicals and all their glorious facets--the technical, the dramatic, the problematic, and the beloved songs we never want to hear again. Episodes released every other Friday.

Dec 24, 2019

All I Ask of You is a deep breath before diving into The Phantom of the Opera! We talk bad optics, ear-wormy repetition, and the worst stage mom ever. PLUS: one of the only sighs of relief we can breathe is that JLM is not in Phantom.

Theme music by Cullen Vance.

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Dec 6, 2019

And I Am Telling You it's time for Dreamgirls! We talk powerhouse female leads, non-jukebox Mowtown, and Jennifer Holliday being right. PLUS: Jimmy may fall, but JLM would make him triumphant.

Theme music by Cullen Vance.

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Nov 22, 2019

Strange Magic is at play--it's time to roll on into Xanadu! We talk the dangers of roller skates, Chelsey's Charles Isherwood impression, and acrostic poems. PLUS: we advocate for our favorite muse, JLM.

Theme music by Cullen Vance.

Original Broadway cast album: Amazon | iTunes |

Oct 25, 2019

Ya Never Know what will happen when we dive into Little Shop of Horrors! We talk the rules of mushroom foraging, life when you're endearingly pathetic, and a suggestion for a climate activist angle on the show. PLUS: why has nobody cast JLM as Audrey II? WHY???

Content Warning: brief mention of domestic abuse.


Oct 11, 2019

Do You Wanna Hang? Let's jump into Be More Chill! We welcome special guest Montana to talk catchy lyrics, teenage reality, and the dangers of Mountain Dew. Plus: we'd upgrade to a JLM-voiced Squip any day.

Theme music by Cullen Vance. Check out his new album, Cullen, Vol. 1, out now!

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