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Welcome to What The Musical, a podcast for musical theatre nerds and newbies. Join Chelsey and Tara as they discuss musicals and all their glorious facets--the technical, the dramatic, the problematic, and the beloved songs we never want to hear again. Episodes released every other Friday.

Jul 27, 2018

Do you need a podcast Now/Later/Soon? We're here for you with our first Sondheim--A Little Night Music! We talk badass middle-aged women, big thoughts with cellos, and try to keep Chelsey from passing out with joy. Plus: we think it's about time for a revival, starring our pal Jesse L. Martin.

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Jul 13, 2018

What's Up, Duloc? Join us for an unlikely adventure through Shrek the Musical! We talk epically-long walks, fairytale freaks, and Scottish ogres. Plus: rumor has it an exceptional baritone might be available for a revival, if someone called... <cough-JesseLMartin-cough>

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