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Welcome to What The Musical, a podcast for musical theatre nerds and newbies. Join Chelsey and Tara as they discuss musicals and all their glorious facets--the technical, the dramatic, the problematic, and the beloved songs we never want to hear again. Episodes released every other Friday.

May 3, 2019

Wouldn't It Be Loverly to catch up with a new episode? Let's dive into My Fair Lady! We talk code-switching, the Julie Andrews Effect (redux), and emotional Broadway stars. PLUS: JLM Watch is hitting record numbers, and we don't like it.

Theme music by Cullen Vance.

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Apr 5, 2019

Something Different happens in this episode on The Band's Visit! We talk unexpected crooning, feeling big-ly, and NEA funding. Plus: a whole new kind of Jesse L. Martin watch.

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Original Broadway cast album: Amazon | iTunes |

Mar 23, 2019

When You're Good to Mama, she gives you a new episode on Chicago! This time around, we talk career definers, criminal celebrities, and premeditated dream ballets. Plus, with the revival still running on Broadway, what are the chances of a little JLM stunt-casting?

Theme music by Cullen Vance.

Broadway Revival Cast:

Mar 8, 2019

We need 76 Trombones to welcome in this episode on The Music Man! We talk wholesome con-artists, library dream ballets, why not to give a song to a plot device, and the magic of barbershop quartet. Plus, we check in on Mayor of Our Hearts, Jesse L. Martin.

Theme music by Cullen Vance.

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Feb 3, 2019

One Thing... let's get this one thing straight: this time we're checking out the musical podcast 36 Questions! We talk audio intimacy, Groffsauce, and pet ducks. Plus: please only hand Jesse L. Martin roles on Broadway, not rolls.

Theme music by Cullen Vance.

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